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You've Worked Hard and Made a Viable Business.

Where Do You Go From Here?

At this crucial point, most companies must hire expertise to grow in a meaningful way. They do this by hiring their own experts or by hiring business consultants. As a busy entrepreneur, you do not have time to reinvent the wheel. At Hiregen, we give each of our clients the personalized service they need to build their strategy for success. Together we can do great things!

Strategy Solutions

Brand Concept - Brand Marketing in Hoover, AL

We Enjoy Growing Companies. It's Our Passion, and We Work at It Every Day.

It would be our privilege to be a part of your company and help you build the vision you have in mind. First, we want to explain how our process works and how we can help.
1. Assess Where You Are
Through questioning and research, we will gain an understanding of how your company runs. Are you ready to grow?

How We Can Help You

There comes a point when outsourcing working on your business strategy is essential for expanding into the next phase of growth.
Review Staffing Needs & Implement a Recruiting System
It may feel premature to consider having a recruiting system, but employees are a huge cost factor. Having the right people in place at the right time truly can make or break your business. Creating a hiring system, keeping a pool of active applicants, and streamlining the interview process to define characteristics of great employees are essential elements. We want to propel and strengthen your company's culture—no bad apples to spoil the bunch.
Locate Operating Capital for Future Growth
It takes deep pockets to propel your company to the next stage. We can help with locating investors, finding loan opportunities, and securing financing. If needed, we'll also help with refining your sales pitch so it's a polished gem when presenting to a board of directors.
Develop Franchising Model & Recruit Franchisees or Resellers
Through our excellent research and planning skills we'll uncover hurdles, figure out key requirements, and put together a solid package that can be sold again and again. Expansion that actually pays you to grow... Imagine it!
Create Streamlined Training & Correction Systems
It is vital that everyone coming into the company is on the same page. From training materials, processes, and signage that helps employees remember your way of doing things, we will keep the crew moving forward together.
Targeting Distributors, Purchasing Agents, & Retailers
Let us aide in diversifying your large accounts for long term stability. We can locate other retailers and lay a foundation so they are already familiar with you and feel naturally inclined to resale your product. Concerning distribution, we can help in connecting you with distributors beyond the southeast region, and aide you in structuring production and fulfillment to make growing pains easier.