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Branding Design & Print in Hoover, AL

In today's world, image is king. Identity and Branding engrave your company's reputation and reliability and help form the perception others have of you. At Hiregen Inc., we understand the value of image and can help create and design a brand that will take you to the next level. Boost your name recognition to increase sales and dominate the competition.

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Logo Design Services

For the boot-strapper

Design by the hour

With your logo concept already in mind and some examples ready to send over, there isn't much brainstorming left to do! We will take your concept and create digital, scaleable artwork tailored to your business. Most renderings take 2-6 hours but can vary due to the complexity of the image. We won't bill for time we don't spend designing. Rest assured; you'll receive quality worth investing in.

starter logo development

when you need a place to begin

First, we will perform some light research to gather ideas. We will then develop at least 3 sketches to choose from and after your review, we will render one of them graphically. After that, we will perform up to 3 rounds of final revisions.

Advanced logo development

when your place in the market matters

We will begin with researching your industry and competitors for a better understanding of what will make your logo stand out. We will then develop at least 6 sketches to choose from and after your review we'll render up to 2 of them graphically. After that, we will perform up to 5 rounds of final revisions. Plus, we will create a Pantone color guide and font guide for future branding consistency.

Branding Guide

when your image needs defining

Receive a Pantone, CMYK, and RGB color guide, as well as a font guide to ensure future branding consistency.

Promotional Materials

Make sure that you stand out from the pack with the proper marketing materials. We can help you design promotional materials to help grow your brand. We will work with you from development through production to ensure your company is represented in the right way.
  • Sales Pamphlets
  • Brochures
  • Printed Advertisements
  • And Much More

Specialty Printing

Hiregen Inc has both the experience and willingness to handle all of your customized advertising material. We pride ourselves in our ability to think outside-the-box and create unique projects designed to grow your client base. Call us today and go from good to wow.
  • Letterpress Cards
  • Specialty Papers
  • Promotional Printing
  • And Much More